Russian Booker


The Russian Booker Prize was modelled after the Man Booker Prize and inaugurated in 1992.
The Prize had various sponsors over the years. Since 2018 the Prize has stopped its activities as no new sponsor was found within Russia. The organizers refused to look for a sponsor abroad because this immediately would have forced the Russian prize to declare itself beging a „foreign agent“ according to a new Russian law.

Each year, a new independent jury of writers and critics chose a winner out of a short list of six best novels.

Our authors: 4x winner, 16x finalist




2016 Sukhbat Aflatuni finalist
2016 Leonid Yuzefovich finalist and grant award
2015 Roman Senchin finalist
2014 Vladimir Sharov WINNER
2012 Olga Slavnikova finalist
2011 Oleg Pavlov finalist
2011 Roman Senchin finalist
2011 Zakhar Prilepin finalist
2010 Oleg Zaionchkovski finalist
2009 Roman Senchin finalist
2009 Leonid Yuzefovich finalist
2008 Vladimir Sharov finalist
2006 Olga Slavnikova WINNER
2006 Zakhar Prilepin finalist
2004 Aleksei Slapovski finalist
2004 Oleg Zaionchkovski finalist
2003 Leonid Yuzefovich finalist
2002 Oleg Pavlov WINNER
2000 Aleksei Slapovski finalist
2000 Mikhail Shishkin WINNER
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