Big Book


The Bolshaya Kniga – Big Book Award is the most lucrative among the literary awards in Russia
claiming to offer the second largest cash award, after the Nobel.
Established in 2006 it is sponsored by the Russian government and backed by Russian oligarchs.

The jury includes Russian writers, editors, and critics as well as some of the prominent sponsors.

The award is given to a first, second and third winner.
There is an additional public audience online vote for also 3 winners.

Our authors: 6x first, 4x third, 1x first public vote, 2x second public vote and several times finalist

Our author on the actual SHORTLIST 2021:
Viktor Remizov: Eternal Frost




2021 Leonid Yuzefovich 1. winner
2021 Viktor Remizov 3. winner
2019 Roman Senchin finalist
2018 Olga Slavnikova finalist
2018 Evgeni Grishkovets finalist
2017 Lev Danilkin 1. winner
2017 Aleksei Slapovski finalist
2016 Leonid Yuzefovich 1. winner
2015 Roman Senchin 3. winner
2015 Anna Matveeva 2. winner public vote
2014 Zakhar Prilepin 1. winner
2014 Vladimir Sharov 3. winner
2014 Zakhar Prilepin 2. winner public vote
2013 Dmitri Danilov finalist
2011 Dmitri Danilov finalist
2011 Mikhail Shishkin 1. winner
2011 Mikhail Shishkin 1. winner public vote
2009 Leonid Yuzefovich 1. winner
2006 Mikhail Shishkin  3. winner


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